people who are changing the world

Below you will find a collection of my favorite charities, podcasts, and people. I'll add more as I go. 

preemptive love coalition.jpg

Preemptive Love Coalition

Jeremy Courtney and the Preemptive Love Coalition team work to provide heart surgeries for children in Iraq and Syria who were born with heart defects because of the decade of conflict in the Middle East. There are many ways to support their efforts. Check it out by clicking below to learn more. 


Charity water

The Charity Water team invests in sustainable, community owned water projects around the world. You can pledge your birthday or give a one time or recurring donation. Click below to learn more. 


The Liturgists 

The Liturgists Podcast has been abundantly helpful for me. They continue to challenge me and make me a better human being. Listen to them on your favorite podcast app and support them on Patreon! Click below to read more about them on their site.