secondary endeavors

I have published a children's book, Gizmo, about a bunny who takes a journey of growth and discovery in a forest where he meets new animal friends. I recommend this book for children ages 7 to 11, but it can be read chapter by chapter to younger children as a bedtime story. Click the button above to buy the book on Amazon in print or Kindle. Click the button below to buy an autographed copy on Etsy. 

I received this delightful little book as a gift from a dear literature professor a week or two ago and it has been such a pleasure to read. “Gizmo” is what my family always called a Jump-Out-From-Behind-The-Bush story, where an extended series of meetings between the hero and a wide variety of other characters (usually animals) forms the primary action and transformation in the narrative. Gizmo is an abandoned pet rabbit who must make a new home and new friends among the varied creatures of the forest and in the process he becomes a far less selfish and petulant rabbit. It is a tender and often serious narrative with a quick perception of human nature, friendship, and individual needs. It is a great story to read aloud to young children and enjoy in one extended sitting (perhaps not quite a full hour to read aloud), or, as it is divided into chapters, a weeks worth of bedtime stories.
— Amazon Customer Review

Since I am interested in nutrition, I cook a lot as a hobby, to feed myself and my husband, Dev, three times a day. If you would like to see my recipes, follow the link to my blog Easy, Gourmet, Gluten-Free Cooking.